Convert PDF Files into PowerPoint PPT Forms with Small PDF Tools

If you are a student, a faculty member, or an office student, there will be a lot of times when you need to present in front of an audience about a specific topic. In such a case, you need your PPT presentation in hand. However, if the presentation is such a rush and you only have your pdf version of the presentation, then fortunately for you, you can make use of a special tool from the small PDF tools that will allow you to convert pdf files into PPT forms. Features of this tool are discussed below.

Conversion Capability

The most basic function of the pdf to ppt converter is its ability to convert a pdf file into ppt format. Thus, you can convert your portable document file into a PowerPoint presentation file. This means that you can have your presentation right away so long as you have the pdf file in your hand. The good thing about this conversion is that everything about the pdf file will be preserved in the ppt version. There will be no modifications or distortions. So the layout is basically the same as before. All the font styles, font sizes, and graphics will still be there when you present the file on the audience.

All in One Batch Downloading

When you need to present several files and time is really running out, the tool is still as user friendly as before. You can supply the converter will all the files in your hands and convert all of them into PPT format simultaneously. After the conversion, you can download all of them in one click. This is a big time saver especially if there are really a lot of files that you need to convert before your presentation.

Versatility on Point

Another good feature of the pdf to PPT converter is that it is very versatile in a way that it works in multiple operating systems. So whether you are using the windows, Mac, or Linux, operating systems, you do not have to worry about the converter not working. In fact, the tool is just browser based. So long as you have an internet connection, you will always be able to access the tool. Accessibility to the tool does not have anything to do with your operating system.

Smart Phone Compatibility

If you do not have a laptop or personal computer in hand and you only have the files to be converted in your smartphone, then do not worry or panic because you can still convert the files using your smart phone. With an internet connectivity, you can still go to the small pdf tools and have access to the converter to be able to use it using your smart phone.

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